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The KRA collectively represents the voice of the roofing and waterproofing industry in Kansas.



The KRA offers guidance as a sincere effort to help the customer and contractor arrive at a satisfactory conclusion to a successful effort.


Risk liability, insurance prohibitions, safety: all things to consider before climbing the ladder.

Homeowners – Replacing your roof is a big investment!  And, going with the lowest bid doesn’t always produce the best outcome.  View the information under the “Owners” tab for information on how to approach your roof replacement.

The Kansas Roofing Association (KRA) is a statewide trade association of Kansas roofing contractors, suppliers, distributors and other professionals.  The group collectively represents the voice of the roofing industry in Kansas.
KRA’s mission is to help its members operate successfully by providing up-to-date continuing education, industry contacts, consumer help, networking opportunities and a forum for public and governmental relations.
For information on KRA’s leadership or to see what’s happening with OSHA, regulatory and legislative issues, Click Here.

It’s the Law! Roofing contractors doing work in Kansas must register with the Attorney General’s office. To find out how this law impacts you, visit the Attorney General’s Website. KRA membership is separate and distinct from registering with the Attorney General’s office. Click here to visit the AG’s website.