Kansas Roofing Registration

As of 7/1/2013, most roofing contractors doing work in Kansas must be registered with the Attorney General’s office.  View a list of registered contractors HERE

6/26/2013 – Kansas Roofing Registration Act  Application Form and Frequently Asked Questions for Roofing Contractors available HERE

KRA Press Release – 4/25/2013

Read SubHB2024 (Effective 7/1/2013)

Read HB2024 (Original)

Summary of HB2024


Q:  The Act indicates that my registration number must be on my vehicle but doesn’t say anything about where or how big it has to be – what is your recommendation?

A:   KRA suggests you put your registration number in the following format:   KS Reg: XX-XXXXXXX.  Put this on the front or back of your vehicle in a 2″ or larger lettering.

How to Contact Your Legislator

U.S. Senators

Jerry Moran (R)    202/224-6521
Pat Roberts (R)    202/224-4774

U.S. Representatives

Tim Huelskamp (R) 1st Dist – 202/225-2715
Lynn Jenkins (R) 2nd Dist – 202/225-6601
Kevin Yoder (R) 3rd Dist – 202/225-2865
Mike Pompeo(R) 4th Dist – 202/225-6216

Kansas Governor 

Sam Brownback – Email
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Workers Compensation Information for Kansas Employers

Workers Compensation booklet for Kansas Employers

OSHA and Regulatory Issues

OSHA Rescinds “Interim Enforcement Rule – Residential Fall Protection”
OSHA Issues New Crane Rule

OSHA Brochures/Publications
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